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Grooming service

Attentive Dog Grooming

Whether you've got a large or small dog, we care for them all at Paws Required!

Your pups will be able to socialize while waiting for their service in our friendly pet salon. If your pet becomes disorderly or a customer requests, we will provide your dog with a spacious pen to relax in. 

Contact us today to learn about our pricing or to schedule an appointment!

Full Grooming Services

Bath / Shampoo
All products used are hypoallergenic and natural. We use the product that fits your loved one best. 

Blueberry Facial
A special soap is used for your loved one's face with no additional charge. This soap does not cause problems in dogs' eyes and will not harm your pet if he or she were to swallow the lather.

Blow Out
This is a fluff-up on the dog's hair before his or her haircut. We take the time to comb the hair during this service. 

Anal Express
Expression of the anal gland.

Nail Trimming and File
Your dog's trimming will include the file down on the nail at no additional charge.

Precision Cut
We will cut as per your request or whatever the breed standard is. All breeds and all cuts are available. Large or small animals, both are welcome.

Lots of Love Throughout Process
At Paws Required, we see many dogs that are shy and timid or have gone through the process in the past and had a bad experience. Rest assured, we will soothe your dog and ensure they are calm. We are excited to have your pet here!

Mini Grooming Services

When you bring your pooch to Paws Required for a mini groom, he or she will receive all the full grooming services with the exception of the precision cut. 
Grooming service
We can come to your home to cut your pets nails 
if you are unable 
to get them out. 
About Our Military Discounts!
"Your pets become like family members. I have to have complete trust in the groomer I entrust with my dog. I completely trust Catherine with my dog, you will know upon meeting her she loves animals and you'll know your pet is in very good hands. They do a superb job grooming at very reasonable prices. I strongly recommend them, you and your pet will be glad you did."

 - Robert Bass

Dog grooming
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